You will need a DMM account in order to access any of its service, including games. Head over to the DMM website and register an account first if you haven't got one. At this point, just registering for an account is not country restricted, thus not needing VPN and such.

Existing accounts that have already played other DMM games can also play OLET. There is no limitation on how many games can by played using a single account.

Bypass Country RestrictionsEdit

When you're already signed-up and logged-in, you may head over to the OLET's main site:

Here, you will notice that DMM limits their services to Japan only. So if you want to play their games or use any other services, you will have to find a way to bypass this. Luckily, there are quite a few ways to get around this.

Please see main article:
Tutorial: Bypass Country Restrictions

Once you're able to view the game's main site, just press the following button:



Since September 4, 2014, prospective players need to pass through a lottery system before starting the game. Each lottery, XXXX number of new players can create their game profile and start playing.

  • Players only need to do this once, on first time play. Once you pass the lottery, you will be able to login to the game directly every time.