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Treasure Tool (宝具 Hōgu) are equipment that give a boost of various stats and utilities which help the equipped Kenhime in both sortie and construction. They come in 4 categories: Bracelet, Necklace, Earring, and Ring. Kenhime can only equip one equipment from each categories.

Bracelet, Necklace, Earring can be obtain only through forging or quest reward. Ring can be obtain only through boss drop, quest reward, or special forging.

Even though separated by 4 categories, equipment of the same type at the same level will give the same stat. Equipment play a very important role in event, high level map and construction; so it is a good idea to improve equipment as best as you could.

Bracelet (腕輪) Necklace (首飾り) Earring (耳飾り) Ring (指輪)

Tutorial Edit

Treasure Tool Tutorial 01

The default storage are 100 slots for treasure tool cabinet, and 10 slots for Rental Warehouse

Treasure tool cabinet can be expand for 300 ¥ per 10 slots.

Rental Warehouse is just another place to store your equipment although you can't equip them while they are in the warehouse. Rental warehouse can be expand for 500 ¥ per 100 slots but it need to renew every month (yes, it is temporary).

How to Identify Your Equipment? Edit

This section will assist non-Japanese reader to identify their equipment.

Treasure Tool Tutorial 02

の mean "of", so just read the part before the の to identify the equipment.

  1. The equipment name, this is the important part since you can identify the general stat of the equipment just from this part.
  2. The equipment categories, either Bracelet, Necklace, Earring, or Ring. This part isn't that important since you can see it from the icon.
  3. The equipment rank, this identify how good the quality of your equipment is. You can also see it from the icon's background color.
Treasure Tool Tutorial 03

Equipment Rank Edit

The equipment rank determine how good the equipment base stat and its growth rate.

Background Color Rank

Rank follow by as the lowest quality and 神極 as best quality.

Equipments with rank are consider normal quality. Equipments with rank 神極 are indentify as "God Imblued Equipment", they have a slightly different name and significantly better compare to the normal quality version (give more stat and higher bonus stat).

Blue background (特別) is a special rank. Equipment with blue background doesn't have any other color variance. Although it can have the quality as another variance (the background remain blue).

Forging EquipmentEdit

Forging is a feature that enable the player to produce treasure tool using various type of material. The material could be resources, evolution materials, relics, or special materials obtain from event, quest, or trading post. Only Bracelet, Necklace and Earring can be produce from normal forging (all random forging would sometimes produce Ring at a low chance).

Treasure Tool Tutorial 04

Forging Success ChanceEdit

Forging Success Chance refer to the total chance of obtaining rank 参 極 神 神極. The chance depend on the type of material use in the forging process, the higher level the materal the better chance. Specific chance is as follow:

Resources (資材) 85.36% 13.609% 1% 0.03% 0.001% None
Evolution Material (進化) None 58.905% 40% 1% 0.09% 0.005%
Relic (秘宝) None None None 89% 10% 1%

Forging Results have different message display, they can be identify as follow:

  • Forging Complete (Result contain only rank 壱 and 弐 )
  • Forging Sucess (Result contain one or more rank 参 )
  • Forging Great Sucess (Result contain one or more rank 極 )
  • God Forging (Result contain one or more [God Imblued] )

Forging Related EventEdit

Name Content Translation
神錬成確定 10個まとめて秘宝錬成すると最低でも1個は神錬成となる
神錬成2倍 全錬成で、神錬成の確率2倍
神極確率5倍 10個まとめて秘宝錬成すると神極の発生確率5倍
運否天賦錬成 「運天の雫」を使う運否天賦錬成ができる
神錬成3倍 5個以上まとめて秘宝錬成すると神錬成の確率3倍
ダイヤ指輪 5個以上まとめて秘宝錬成するとダイヤの指輪プレゼント
LvMAX錬成 5個以上まとめて秘宝錬成すると、LvMAX状態で錬成される


Synthesis is a feature that enable the player to level up equipment. The process will consume other equipment(s) as "improve material", the more equipment use in the process (Maximum 5) the higher the sucess chance. There is no penalty on failure (only improve material put in the process will be consume) so don't be affraid of spamming this to improve your equipment.

Treasure Tool Tutorial 05
Treasure Tool Tutorial 06

Normal SynthesisEdit

This process will improve equipment from level 1 to 11 (MAX). Any equipment can act as "improve material" in this process. Equipment will gain an equal amount of bonus stat for every level increase, to view the bonus stat gain per level please refer to Equipment List.

As the level of the equipment increase, the sucess chance will also decrease (with a base sucess chance of less than 1% after level 6) so take your time since this is a very time consuming process of constantly spamming after level 6.

The result display is as follow:

  • Synthesis Sucess
  • Synthesis Fail

Post-MAX Level SynthesisEdit

This process are for post-MAX level equipment(s) to be improve further and get more bonus stat compare to normal synthesis. After Level MAX, the level will appear as Ex that goes from Ex 1 up to Ex 3 as the highest level. The improve material use in this process need to be the same equipment with the one to be level up and have to be at MAX level (same name, same categories, same rank, MAX Level), for example:

To improve a ring of 紅玉・極 Ex. 1 you will need another ring of 紅玉・極 Lv. MAX as material. It have to be exact.

Only one improvement material is needed in this process since it have a 100% sucess chance.

The stat gain from each Ex level is as below:

Rank Primary Stat Secondary Stat
+3 Level Worth -
+3 Level Worth -
+3 Level Worth -
+3 Level Worth -
+6 Level Worth +3 Level Worth
神極 +6 Level Worth +9 Level Worth
特別 +3 Level Worth -

For Kenhime exclusive equipment, although have special (特別) rank, they scale a bit different with +6 level to primary stat, +4 level to secondary stat, +3 level to tertiary stat. Each Kenhime exclusive equipment's primary, secondary, and tertiary stat is somewhat different from each other.

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