Saint of Withering Forest

Event Summary Edit

Name Saint of Withering Forest (枯れた森の聖女)
Type Repair Raid Event (修復レイドイベント)
Period Nov 19, 2015 (Thur) 18:00 until Dec 03, 2015 (Thur) 14:10 JST

Story Edit

A fertile forest, once guarded by "The Sacred Tree" made of metal. But due to the aging in recent years, lot of monsters began to appear. In order to ensure the safety of people living in the forest, a saint whose guard the forest "Swing Yarder" sent the Kenhime "Forwarder" to the Kingdom. She asked for power of the Master to restore the Sacred Tree, and the Kingdom accepted this. Masters then decided to began restoring the Sacred Tree of the forest.

Defeat the Goldenpoten! Collect the Gold Nugget! Edit

Gold Shrine

Gold Shrine

Sometimes Goldenpoten may appear along the way. If lucky, you can get "Gold Nugget" after the battle (If not, you get nothing). Collect 500 of them and trade it to Building Permit of "Gold Shrine" which can increase the Kenhime stats (+3% Skill Trigger Rate, +10% Exp. Growth Rate, +20 Pre-emptive, +35 Other Basic Stats).

There's also Nugget Forging, which allow you to craft(s) Skill (技能), Golden (金), or any Synthesis Treasure Tool with 6-0 or 7-0 quality by forging 5 Nuggets each in the process.

In the Barren Stumps, There's a rare chance to encounter Premiumpoten, a winged Goldenpoten. Its node is symbolized by purple color with black exclamation mark. In addition, this subspecies gives more EXP than its normal counterpart (about 4000 EXP), and always drop 3 Gold Nuggets.

Stage Area CP Boss Weakness Treasure Tool Drop
Withered Forest Dry Grassland 3 Big Potenhazard Hard Earnest (忠誠) Ring
Canopy of Dry Leaves 5 Steel Ivy Crush Regeneration (再生) Ring
Dead Branch Signpost 20 Copper Djinn Flow Repair (修復) Ring
Forest of Dead Trees 50 Acid Rain Hard 忠誠 Ring
Withered Big Tree 150 Dragon Zombie Crush

再生 Ring
修復 Ring
忠誠 Ring
Golden (金) Ring
Fierce (熾烈) Ring

Withered World Tree Withered World Tree 150

再生 Ring
修復 Ring
忠誠 Ring
熾烈 Ring

Withered Forest -


Barren Stumps 70 Big Poten

再生 Ring
修復 Ring
忠誠 Ring
Dryad (樹霊) Ring

Bosses Sacred Trees
Big Potenhazard ~30,000 HP Blue Sacred Tree ~25,000 HP
Steel Ivy ~63,000 HP Green Sacred Tree ~53,000 HP
Copper Djinn ~180,000 HP Red Sacred Tree ~140,000 HP
Acid Rain ~340,000 HP Yellow Sacred Tree ~200,000 HP
Dragon Zombie ~500,000 HP Purple Sacred Tree ~650,000 HP
Black Sacred Tree
Big Poten ~10,000 HP White Sacred Tree ~75,000 HP

New Kenhime:

  • "Swing Yarder": Saint of the forest that withered by dragon. Always with calming, pure presence.
  • Forwarder: Her will to protect the forest saint can convince anyone that she's an earnest and naive Kenhime

Recipe Development Edit

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