Road to Tianzhu (India) - Prologue 2

Event Summary Edit

Name Road to Tianzhu (India) - Prologue (天竺への道 序章)
Type Revive Event (復刻イベント)
Period Requirements Attribute Boss Drop
Oct 23 - Nov 06, 2014

Day: 100 Floors or more

Dusk: 350 Floors or more

None Random Evo. Mat.
Jan 15 - Feb 19, 2015 Fixed

Holy Coins

Evo. Mat.

May 28 - Jun 18, 2015 None Yes


Reverse Bosses Added

Holy Coins

Treasure Tool

Oct 15 - Nov 05, 2015
Stage Area Boss Weakness Treasure Tool Drop
Day Zone Yellow Wind Cave Yellow Wind King Hard Topaz (黄玉) Ring
White Tiger Ridge White Bone Demoness Flow Aquamarine (藍玉) Ring
Flower–Fruit Mountain Red Boy Crush Ruby (紅玉) Ring
Dusk Zone Flat Peak Mountain Silver Horned King Hard Silver (銀) Ring
Lotus Cave Golden Horned King Flow Jade (翠玉) Ring
Ōmagadoki All of above Respective

Introduced Kenhime:

New 2nd Evolution:

Recipe Development Edit

See also: Road to Tianzhu (India) - Epilogue

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