Resort Island 2

Event Summary Edit

Name Resort Island (リゾートアイランド)
Type Large Construction Raid Event (大型建造レイドイベント)
Period August 20, 2015 (Thur) 18:00 until Sep 03, 2015 (Thur) 14:10 JST

Story Edit

Mizuto Isle

Mizuto Island

In the south of the continent, the famous resort, Mizuto Island (水都島 Mizu Miyako-jima), suddenly received a devastating damage in response to the attacks of monsters. The Kingdom request you to drive off the monsters as well as renovate Mizuto Island. Masters, combine your power in the repair of the island, let's recover the beautiful appearance of Mizuto Island!

Large Construction Raid? Edit

In the event area, Construction Target appeared after defeating the boss of respective area.

Stage Name STEP  Level Boss Construction Target Info Skill Potency Treasure Tool Drop
Dock 3 25 Big Poten Purification Plate Requires lot of repairs

◎ Production Artisan/Fast Work

○ Foundation Artisan

△ Storage Artisan


Ring of Production

Lodging Facility Sealing Magic Pillars Requires more repairs

◎ Storage Artisan

○ Production/Foundation Artisan

△ Fast Work


Ring of Storage

Sandy Beach Efflorescence Manastone Has remarkable evasion

☆ Support Artisan

△ Other


Ring of Support

Playground Electro Power Reactor Requires even more repairs ○ Any skill

(Foundation Artisan recommended)


Ring of Foundation

Hot Spring Spring Water Idol Has 2 dummy targets

◎ Fast Work

○ Production/Foundation Artisan

△ Storage Artisan


Ring of High-Speed

Ferris Wheel Magical Gondola Has remarkable defense. Hard to repair

☆ Storage Artisan

△ Other

New Subspecies Edit

Recipe Development Edit

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