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No.81 ニパ子

Drifter Class

HP 336 Combo 1
Attack 134 Strength 77
Defense 82 Vitality 44
Accuracy 172 Agility 115
Evasion 172 Technique 115
Construction 146 Luck 50
Forte Generic Range Melee
Rebuilding Artisan Lv1
Powerful Strike Lv1
Concentration Support Lv1
Clairvoyance Lv1

1st UpgradeEdit

Large Nipako

No.81 大型ニパ子

Soldier Class

HP 494 Combo 1
Attack 155 Strength 96
Defense 111 Vitality 63
Accuracy 178 Agility 119
Evasion 178 Technique 119
Construction 168 Luck 50
Forte Generic Range Melee
Rebuilding Artisan Lv2
Powerful Strike Lv4
Concentration Support Lv4
Clairvoyance Lv2

2nd UpgradeEdit

Ultimate Nipako

No.81 究極ニパ子

King Class

HP 651 Combo 2
Attack 187 Strength 135
Defense 143 Vitality 76
Accuracy 160 Agility 100
Evasion 155 Technique 110
Construction 185 Luck 50
Forte Generic Range Melee
Rebuilding Artisan Lv4
Powerful Strike Lv4
Concentration Support Lv4
Clairvoyance Lv4

Special Edit

Nipako [TGS2015]

No.7 ニパ子【TGS2015】

Drifter Class

Nipako -TGS2015-
HP 494 Combo 1
Attack 155 Strength 96
Defense 111 Vitality 63
Accuracy 178 Agility 119
Evasion 178 Technique 119
Construction 168 Luck 50
Forte Generic Range Melee
Rebuilding Artisan Lv2
Powerful Strike Lv4
Concentration Support Lv4
Clairvoyance Lv2

Bio Edit

Real Name Celine · P · Nippern
Origin 惑星コウグのお姫様 / Princess of Planet Kougu (alien)
Age 120 years old (or equal to 14-15 years old earthling)
Height 155cm
Weight 50kg (seems somewhat heavy)
Three sizes Just look into the mind's eye......
Hobbies Earth's Anime, Manga, Plastic Model. etc...

Trivia Edit

  • Title:
    • Normal: 惑星コウグのお姫様 / Princess of Planet Kougu
    • TGS2015: TGSへの侵略者 / Invader on TGS
  • Promotional character of Ultimate Nipper by GODHAND CO., LTD. In other words, it's OLET's first collaboration.
  • Nipako born as the official mascot on June 28, 2013
  • Her TGS2015 version, is the second serial Kenhime for distribution.
    • Can be obtained by Press the Serial Code (シリアルコード) button at the bottom right outside the game and type the following code: "oletsppresent002" (Copy and paste is NOT allowed)
    • First shown in TGS (Tokyo Game Show) on's POWERCHORD STUDIO exhibition, the serial code is described in the distributed brochure at the commemoration.
  • Kougu (コウグ), her home planet, is derived from 工具 (Kōgu, lit. 'tool'), written in katakana.
  • In the 1st Kenhime General Election, Nipako is ranked 6th with 28,420 votes.

Quotes Edit

Event Japanese English Note
Description ニッパーだよ!

細い金属線を切ったり、テレビや通信機器のケーブルを切ったり加工が得意なの。 プラモデル専用もあるから、組み立てるときに使ったことがある人、多いかもね♪ ニッパー型爪切りなんていうのもあるから、試してみてね! にぱっ★

I'm Nipper!

You can cut off thin metal wire, its good at cutting the cable of communication devices such as TV. There's also a plamodel-only, people used it when assembling, so cool ♪ How do you think of nipper-type nail clipper? Try looking at it! Nipa ★

She referring to Nipper for Plastic Model Kit and Toenail Nippers.
Log In 今日も一緒にカットカット♪にぱっ★ Let's cutting pieces together today ♪ Nipa ★
Introduction (Rescued)
Introduction (Captured) 飯テロ自重しろ!

ニッパーです! ニパ子って呼んでね♪ にぱっ★

Meal terrorism, calm down!

It's Nipper! Call me Nipako ♪ Nipa ★

飯テロ (Meshi tero), lit. 'meal terrorism', is Japanese equivalent of internet slang word 'Food Porn' used to describe an image or video of delicious-looking food with high fat and calorie.
Main Screen にっぱにー♪ Nippa ni~ ♪
にぱっ? Nipa?
おいやめろ。 Hey, stop it.
Party Tab ニパ子、お払い箱なの?うえぇぇ…… Nipako, abandoned? Hweee……
Status ニパ子の事、使いこなしてね! All about Nipako, mastered!
実はね…ニパ子、宇宙人なんだ!……って、信じてないし! Actually… Nipako, it's an alien! ……hey, you don't have to believe!
見よ!この究極のステータスっ!……薄いって言うな。 Behold! This is the ultimate status! ……Don't say that I'm thin. She is referring on her flat chest...
Added to Party この究極の力、オヤカタに貸してあげる! This ultimate power, I'll lend it to Master!
Construction - Survey Tab いつでも行けるよ! You can go at any time!
Begin Construction リボンピンピン、いつでも行けるよ! Ribonpinpin, you can go at any time!
任せてー!切っちゃうよー! Leave it to me~!
Construction Skill アルティメーット! Ultima~te!
切れちゃえー! Cutting~!
Floor Completed かんせーい!どやぁ… Comple~te! How’s that…?
Expansion Completed 増築完了っス! Extension complete!
Floor Rank Up ランクアーップ! Rank Uup!
Begin Survey ニパ子、いっきまーす! Nipako, goo~!
ツインテールブースト、ゴー! Twin tail boost, go!
Treasure Chest Found お宝はっけーん…! Treasure discovered~…!
Imprisoned Kenhime Found 可愛い子が!助けなきゃ(使命感) A cute girl! Must save her (mission sense tingling)
Combat とりゃあっ! Toryaa!!
それっ! Take That!
Combat Skill ちょんぱちょんぱ! Chomp Chomp!
あったれぇー! Attaree~!
Defensive Skill
Aid Skill アルティメットパワーです♪ Ultimate power ♪
Taking Damage 痛くないですぅー。 It doesn't hurt~
全然大丈夫! Fine, Totally Fine!

(Light Damage)

ぐぬぬ…ちょっと痛いじゃないですか! Gununu… Isn't it a bit painful?!

(Heavy Damage)

うえぇぇ~…折れちゃうよぉ~… Hweee~ …I would've broken~…

(Leader Heavily Damaged)

うえぇ~!ばかぁ!もうおうちに帰るぅ! Hwee~! Idiot! I'm going home now!


??? ???
Insurance Activated 転ばぬ先の~なんとやら~ Before you fall~ somehow or other~ The correct sentence is "Before you fall, the walking stick" (転ばぬ先の杖), a Japanese proverb which share the same meaning as "Better safe than sorry."
Pursuit まだまだぁ、ここからが本当の勝負っ! Still, the real game starts here!
Victory ふぅー、探索終了っ! Phew~ quest end!
Ace やったぁ!ナンバーワンっ!にぱっ☆ I did it! Number one! Nipa ☆
Continue Survey 進め、オヤカタ! Advance, Master!
Ending Survey 今日の所は勘弁してやりますぅ We'll take a break today
Returned to Base ニパ子、ただいま帰還しました!ビシッ! Nipako, have returned home! Bishi! Bishi = SFX for hand motion

(e.g. when someone points their finger, waves hand, slapping, etc.)

Capture うふふふ~、可愛い子の気配がしますよ…… Ufufufu~, there's a signs of sweet girl……
Improved また切れ味良くなっちゃった。にぱっ☆ The sharpness becomes better again. Nipa ☆
アルティメーット! Ultima~te!
Evolve/Upgrade 1st Evolution: ニパ子、大きくなりましたぁ!

2nd Evolution:

1st Evolution: Nipako, grew bigger!

2nd Evolution:

Rest - Bathhouse Tab お休み大事! Important Rest!
Resting (Minor) つーかーれーたー!やーすーむー! Ex-ha-us-ted~! Take-a-break~!
Resting (Severe) 刃が欠けちゃうよぉ~!研いで~! Blade chipped~! Sharpening~!
Drinking Coffee マックス美味しい! Max delicious!
Drinking Ether 何だか気持ち良くてぇ…ちょんぱ! It kind of feels good… Chomp!
Drinking Ether

(Leave to Use)

CUPエーテル!?飲みたい!飲む!飲ませろぉ~!! CUP Ether!? I want to drink! Drink! Let me drink~!!
Enter During her Bath Time ちょっ、オヤカタ!何してるのぉ! Master! What are you doing!
Bathing こらっ!見んな!触るな!うえぇぇ! Hey! Don't look! Don't touch! Hweee!
そーそー、この無駄の無いフラットボディがー…ってコラァ! Seems, it's not in vain to have a flat body... Eh, Hey!
抵抗の少ないフォルムが、素早い作業で真価を発揮……ってうるせぇ。 This tiny shape of resistance is, shows the true value of swift performance…… Now go away.
Player Profile tab このタワーは…積んでも良いんだよね? This tower… it maybe piled up? 積ん読 (Tsundoku), lit. 'reading pile', buying books to leave them pile up unread. Coincidentally, as the tower looks like a pile of books.
Idle オヤカター、何処ですかー?切っちゃうよー! Master, where are you? Cut it off!
Main Screen (Drunk) にぃぱぁ~ Niipaa~
にっぱにっぱにー☆ Nippa nippa ni~ ☆
ちょんぱしてあげる I'll chomped you
Party Tab (Drunk) ちょんぱちょんぱ! Chomp Chomp!
Added to Party (Drunk) アルティメット可愛いから、仕方ない! Because I'm ultimate cute, there's no other way!
Construction - Survey Tab (Drunk) 一人じゃ嫌だよぉ~… I don't want to do it alone~…
Begin Construction (Drunk) 何でもちょんぱしちゃうぞぉ~! Anything is being chomped~!
Floor Completed (Drunk) 完成っ!……タブン。 Finished! ……Maybe.
Floor Expanded (Drunk) なぁんでニパ子はぁ、大きくならないんだよぉ~! Why Nipako, can't get bigger~! Again, her chest...
Floor Rank Up (Drunk) ランクアップっぽい、多分! Rank uppish, maybe!
Begin Survey (Drunk) スーパーアルティメットグレートニパ子ォ!いきまぁーす!……ヒック Super Ultimate Great Nipakoo! Goo~! ……hic
Capture (Drunk) かわいこちゃん確保ー! Cutie-chan secured~!
Improved (Drunk) ニパ子は伊達じゃない! Nipako isn't showing off!
ニパ子に切れぬ物無し!……それなりに。 Nothing can't be cut for Nipako! ……That's how it is.
Rest - Bathhouse Tab (Drunk) 隅々までメンテする気なんでしょう?説明書みたいに!…… Care to maintain every corner, are you? Looks like a manual!
Player Profile tab (Drunk) 積みを崩せー! Break the loading~!
Idle (Drunk) どうやってこの星を侵略しようかぁ……うふふふふふ~♪ How your attempt to invade this star…… Ufufufufufu~ ♪

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