Mystery Jungle

Event Summary Edit

Name Mystery Jungle (神秘の密林)
Type Repair Raid Event (修復レイドイベント)
Period Sept 24, 2015 (Thur) 18:00 until Oct 15, 2015 (Thur) 14:10 JST
Stage Area CP Boss Weakness Treasure Tool Drop
Mystery Jungle Tin Jungle 3 Trembling Boulder Beast Crush Repair (修復) Ring
Iron Road 5 Living Mould Hard Regeneration (再生) Ring
Copper River 7 Copper Djinn Flow 修復 Ring
Silver Wetland 10 Devastator Beast Crush Earnest (忠誠) Ring
Golden Big Tree 150 Gold Giant Hard

再生 Ring

Golden (金) Ring

Mystery Jungle - Deep Part Secluded Rainbow Region 200 Luminous Flow

Note: CP = Contribution Point

E-5 Temple has high defense, Storage Artisan recommended. Accessories from Large Construction Raid can't be used on Repair Raid Event.

New Kenhime:

Recipe Development Edit

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