March of the Beasts

Event Summary Edit

Name March of the Beasts (魔獣の行進)
Type Subjugation Raid Event (討伐レイドイベント)
Period Nov 05, 2015 (Thur) 18:00 until Nov 19, 2015 (Thur) 14:10 JST

Story Edit

Information of a certain neutral city that was devastated by horde of demonic beasts that appeared suddenly, has entered the Kingdom. Currently, Allied forces were dispatched from each Kingdom to besiege the city and blocking the beasts so they can't get out, but in trouble subjugating the myriad of beasts inside the city. Therefore, the Kingdom were asked to subdue the invasion as well as the beasts in the city by your help. Masters, let's brace up in subjugation by entering the city!

Stage Area CP Boss Weakness Treasure Tool Drop
Collapsed City Castle Gate Vicinity 3 Trembling Boulder Beast Flow

Hard Ring

Sterling Silver (純銀) Ring

Crown Gold (黄金) Ring

Boulevard 5 Volkein Hard

Crush Ring

純銀 Ring

黄金 Ring

Craftsman Street 20 Crater Crush

Flow Ring

純銀 Ring

黄金 Ring

Residential Area 50 Devastator Beast Flow

Warrior (勇士) Ring

黄金 Ring

Platinum (プラチナ) Ring

Noble District 150 Ox of Sealing Arms Hard

Hard / Crush / Flow Ring

古竜封じ Ring

Golden (金) Ring

Silver Vine (木天蓼) Ring

純銀 Ring

黄金 Ring

プラチナ Ring

Diamond (ダイヤ) Ring

City Central Central Square 150 Ancient Dragon

Elder Dragon Seal


HardCrushFlow Ring

勇士 Ring


Beast (魔獣) Ring

純銀 Ring

黄金 Ring

プラチナ Ring

ダイヤ Ring

Note: CP = Contribution Point

EX-1 Enemies, other than the Boss, mainly posses Hard Attribute.

New Kenhime:

  • "Mini Trencher": Slipform Paver's subordinate. Although she looks cool and militant, actually there's something innocent and silly about her.
  • Rebar Cutter: Self-proclaimed 120-year-old alien princess. This chuunibyou rivaling Nipako arbitrarily.

Recipe Development Edit

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