Builders Approximate Level AREA Note
1~10 1-2 Just do it.
11~20 1-2~1-3-2 1-3~1-4 will be the best actually.
21~30 1-3-2、1-5-2 Evolve 遊・兵 type of builders first.
31~40 1-4~1-5、X1-1 Sometimes you might take some damage so if possible just keep grinding at X1-1.
41~50 1-5~2-1、2-2-1、X1-1 At this moment you will be able to repeat X1-1 without taking any damage.
51~60 1-5~2-1、2-4-2、2-5-2


Builders might take some damage but can repeat X1-2.
61~70 2-4-2、2-5-2、2-5


遊 or 兵 type of builder will be 2-4、王 or 神 will be 2-5 but might take some damage.
71~80 2-5-2、3-1、X1-3-2
81~90 2-5-2、3-1、3-3
91~100 2-5-2、3-4

First, 'miss' will become easier when the levels gap between Builder and Monster is higher.

The most important when grinding EXP in this game is to dodge all enemies attack and clear the stage, since putting Builders to rest consumes a lot of time. Especially 神 and 王 type.

From area 2-1, the Monster's stats will raise sharply. A lot players that can clear 2-3 will grind in 1-3~1-5 because of this.

These places are places that Builders can CLEAR WITHOUT TAKING ANY DAMAGE EVEN TOUGH THEY ARE IN TIRED STAT. This chart is only applicable to those builders who reached their upgrade limit (5 upgrades per 5 level) and evolved. Builders that have not evolved might get damaged when they are in tired state.

You can put them in rest when they taken a little damage but this method is not recommended for 神 or 王 Builders type. It is recommended to grind until you are bored or wait until the Builder's hp is low (around 100~200) and then put them to rest. The best time for that is when you are sleeping or have stuff to do.

Area X is also suitable for grinding level. (You can also get items to evolve Builders)

X1. Recommended level, 20. Level 35 will be super easy.

X2. Recommended level, 40. Level 45 will be super easy.

X3. Recommended level, 55. Level 65 will be super easy. (Be aware of the boss's 'Attack 3 builders' skill. This place is the best place to grind itens for evolution since it's possible to drop 2 of them from this stage onwards.)

X4. Recommended level, 70. Level 80 will be super easy.

X5. Recommended level, 100. (It all depends on your luck if you reach this level.)

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