This is where you sent your Kenhime to strengthen them, unlock stages as well as getting rare items.

Types of MapsEdit

So far there currently 4 types of stages/areas. Normal, Daily, Limited and Event Stages.

Normal Stage are the ones you generally start. For each stage to be unlock, requires a taller Tower. In the map per stage, you'll need to defeat the Boss in it.
Daily Stage are a new one. This change everyday and their drops are according to it.
Limited Stage are timed based ones. Which requires an item or be in a certain time.
Event Stage As it is written, are events in the game. Masters with well-rounded Kenhime must test their abilities to gain new Kenhime, items or a structure for their tower (for bragging of course!)

Explore PointEdit

Explore Point (探索ポイント Tansaku pointo), also known as Node, are points of a stage which determined what happen on each point. One of the following is chosen randomly.

Icon Message Result
NonCombat "Did not find anything" Neither combat or drop
"Found an item" got items, combat doesn't occur
Monster "Monster appeared!" Combat occurs
TreasureChest "Monster appeared! Treasure Chest confirmed!" Combat occurs, got items upon winning
KenhimeRescue "Monster appeared! Imprisoned Kenhime confirmed!" Combat occurs, Kenhime rescued upon winning (drop)
Boss "Boss appeared!" Combat occurs with boss, got items/Kenhime rescued upon winning
Repair "Parts repair!" Repair parts in the deepest point of the stage

(Post-boss defeated)