Dragon Nest 2

Event Summary Edit

Name Dragon Nest (竜の巣)
Type Subjugation Event
Period July 16, 2015 (Thur) 18:00 until July 30, 2015 (Thur) 14:10 JST

Story Edit

At a volcano in the center of continent lies the nest of Dragon-type monsters, but there's a big bandit eyeing for their treasure, thereby dragons are found scrambling in a hurry. Dragon's rage aren't settled, and the Kingdom determine that there's high risk they'll come to invade. The Kingdom Alliance, issued an order to subdue a dragon living in the dragon's nest from eastern and western regions. Masters, calm the dragons of "Dragon Nest" to restore the kingdom's peace, and get a wonderful reward!

Collect the Subdue Point, Get New Kenhime "Laminate Trimmer"! Edit

Subdue Point (討伐ポイント) = Point you get every time you defeat the boss of each region, collect it to get a luxury reward from the Kingdom. By the acquired point total, 3 types of rewards is granted, "Individual Reward","Ranking Reward", and "Overall Reward". If acquired 1 or more Subdue Point, new Kenhime Laminate Trimmer will be consigned to you! Also, Subdue Point acquired is doubled on first week (07/16 to 07/23)! So, Let's embark actively on the Event Area!

New builders:

Recipe Development Edit

  • E-1 Entrance of the Nest: Polisher - 810/340/390
  • E-2 Savage Mountain Trail: Heater - 680/370/1180
  • E-3 Disaster's Den: Impact Crusher - 3280/800/3420
  • E-4 Cold Lava River: Schaeff Loader - 6510/2700/5900
  • E-5 Dragon Graveyard: Router Plane - 10100/10400/4220
  • E-6 Ancient Dragon's Dwelling: Clamshell - 4810/6940/2110

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