Decisive Battle of Demon Island! - Prologue 2

Event Summary Edit

Name Decisive Battle of Demon Island! - Prologue「決戦!鬼ヶ島 序章」
Type Subjugation Event
Period July 30, 2015 (Thur) 18:00 until August 20, 2015 (Thur) 14:10 JST

Defeat the Boss "Demon Elder Dragon", Forge the Special Quality Accessories! Edit

Demon Elder Dragon Preview

Demon Elder Dragon

A new area is added alongside the five existing areas that appeared in the previous event, also with the new boss, "Demon Elder Dragon".

The event boss(es) has a chance to drop "Demon Horn Shard" (鬼角のかけら), a forging material used to forge the special quality accessories such as "Demon Elder Dragon Bracelet" or "Gold Bracelet".

  • Normal enemies & bosses other than "Demon Elder Dragon" possess attributes. It's safe when wearing the accessories with their weakness attributes.
  • "Demon Elder Dragon", has lower vitality than Dragon Nest's "Ancient Dragon", but still force to be reckoned with, sometimes its "Defense Wall" skill will shrug off even a crucial blow.
  • Event-exclusive accessories "Old Dragon Seal" (古竜封じ) raise the final damage to "Demon Elder Dragon" (and "Ancient Dragon"), best equipped to Kenhime with "Multipe Attack" skill to counter its "Defense Wall".
  • Bosses are powerful. It takes repetitive Survey or even summon help by Transfer Ball to take them down.

New 2nd Evolution:

Recipe Development on "Decisive Battle of Demon Island! - Prologue" Event:

  • E-1 Landing Point: Total Station
    • 800/400/250
    • 650/360/270
  • E-2 West Coast: Bench Vise - 1700/700/1700
  • E-3 South Coast: Clamshell
    • 2400/3400/3500
    • 2300/3100/3200
  • E-4 East Coast: Vernier Caliper
    • 6505/4790/2900
    • 6800/4800/2800
    • 5200/4500/2800
    • 5100/4400/2700
    • 5010/4400/2690
  • E-5 North Coast: Two-Wheeled Cart
    • 7700/11000/8000
    • 7700/9000/8000
    • 7500/10500/7000
    • 7300/8800/6900
    • 7260/8770/6880
  • E-6 Road to the Cave: Road Cutter - ??/??/??

Other Event Edit

Name Summer Vacation「夏休み」
Type Petit Event
Period August 01, 2015 (Sat) 00:00 until August 31, 2015 (Mon) 23:59 JST

Very Popular! Enjoy the Petit Event Held in the Summer!! Edit

Summer Vacation

Petit Event "Summer Vacation"

Like Xmas and Valentine's Day, a long-time Petit Event was very popular to the Masters!!

For the entire month, Main Screen and some lines is converted into Summer version!!

Through intense heat wave in this season, Have fun with Kenhime and refreshing summer sea!

See also: Decisive Battle of Demon Island! - Epilogue

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