No. 1 - 10Edit

No. 1
001b c
Class1 drifter Home Pincers
No. 2
002b c
Class1 drifter Mechanic Pliers
No. 3
003b c
Class1 drifter Impact Driver Plus
No. 4
004b c
Class1 drifter Impact Driver Minus
No. 5
005b c
Class2 soldier Sledge Hammer
No. 6
006b c
Class2 soldier Big Mallet
No. 7
007b c
Class2 soldier Spanner M36
No. 8
008b c
Class2 soldier Offset Spanner M36
No. 9
009b c
Class2 soldier Socket Wrench M36
No. 10
010b c
Class2 soldier Ratchet Wrench M36

No. 11 - 20Edit

No. 11
011b c
Class2 soldier Monkey Wrench M36
No. 12
012b c
Class1 drifter Vice Pliers
No. 13
013b c
Class2 soldier Heavy Pump Pliers
No. 14
014b c
Class1 drifter Stainless Steel Ruler
No. 15
015b c
Class1 drifter Iron Square
No. 16
016b c
Class1 drifter Metal Tape Measure
No. 17
017b c
Class2 soldier Chainsaw
No. 18
018b c
Class1 drifter Circular Saw
No. 19
019b c
Class1 drifter Orbital Sander
No. 20
020b c
Class1 drifter Delta Sander

No. 21 - 30Edit

No. 21
021b c
Class1 drifter Trivet Plane
No. 22
022b c
Class1 drifter Auger
No. 23
023b c
Class1 drifter Bolster Chisel
No. 24
024b c
Class2 soldier Shovel
No. 25
025b c
Class1 drifter Caulking Gun
No. 26
026b c
Class1 drifter Arc Welder
No. 27
027b c
Class2 soldier Rotary Hammer Drill
No. 28
028b c
Class2 soldier Jackhammer
No. 29
029b c
Class2 soldier Vibro Compactor
No. 30
030b c
Class2 soldier Large Asphalt Cutter

No. 31 - 40Edit

No. 31
031b c
Class2 soldier Wheelbarrow 3 sai
No. 32
032b c
Class2 soldier Scraper Bar
No. 33
033b c
Class2 soldier Dual Ice Axe
No. 34
034b c
Class2 soldier Light Pylon
No. 35
035b c
Class2 soldier Balloon Floodlight
No. 36
036b c
Class2 soldier Electric Sign Board
No. 37
037b c
Class4 king Top Lifter
No. 38
038b c
Class4 king Truck
No. 39
039b c
Class3 cavalry Diesel Generator SP
No. 40
040b c
Class3 cavalry Compressor

No. 41 - 50Edit

No. 41
041b c
Class4 king Drag Shovel
No. 42
042b c
Class3 cavalry Belt Conveyor
No. 43
043b c
Class3 cavalry Concrete Mixer
No. 44
044b c
Class4 king Dust Chamber
No. 45
045b c
Class4 king Backhoe
No. 46
046b c
Class4 king Compact Truck Loader
No. 47
047b c
Class5 god Big Loading Shovel
No. 48
048b c
Class5 god HL Demolition Machine
No. 49
049b c
Class5 god Pole Trailer
No. 50
050b c
Class4 king Hazardous Materials Truck

No. 51 - 60Edit

No. 51
051b c
Class4 king Agitator
No. 52
052b c
Class4 king Road-Roller
No. 53
053b c
Class5 god All Terrain Crane
No. 54
054b c
Class5 god Rough Terrain Crane
No. 55
055b c
Class5 god SHL Crawler Crane
No. 56
056b c
Class5 god Tower Cranes
No. 57
057b c
Class5 god Bulldozer
No. 58
058b c
Class5 god Off-Road Dump Truck
No. 59
059b c
Class5 god MF Shield Machine
No. 60
Large Submersible Pump card
Class1 drifter Large Submersible Pump

No. 61 - 70Edit

No. 61
Scraper Dozer card
Class5 god Scraper Dozer
No. 62
Earth Auger card
Class4 king Earth Auger
No. 63
Vibrohammer card
Class4 king Vibrohammer
No. 64
Material Handler FG card
Class4 king Material Handler FG
No. 65
065b c
Class2 soldier Scissors Jack
No. 66
066b c
Class2 soldier Bottle Jack
No. 67
067b c
Class3 cavalry Ultra High Pressure Washer
No. 68
068b c
Class5 god Multipurpose Excavator
No. 69
069b c
Class2 soldier NP Total Station
No. 70
070b c
Class2 soldier Two-brush Polisher

No. 71 - 80Edit

No. 71
071b c
Class4 king Boom Lift Truck
No. 72
072b c
Class5 god Electro-Hydraulic Clamshell
No. 73
073b c
Class2 soldier Wire Brush
No. 74
074b c
Class5 god Mobile Crusher
No. 75
075b c
Class5 god Walking Dragline
No. 76
076b c
Class5 god Load Haul Dump
No. 77
077b c
Class2 soldier Machine Vise
No. 78
078b c
Class3 cavalry Spot Heater
No. 79
079b c
Class5 god Large Road Cutter
No. 80
080b c
Class5 god Bucket Wheel Excavator

No. 81 - 90Edit

No. 81
081b c
Class2 soldier Large Nipako
No. 82
082b c
Class4 king Harvester
No. 83
083b c
Class4 king Tub Grinder
No. 84
084b c
Class1 drifter Welding Cord Reel
No. 85
085b c
Class4 king Rotary-percussion Drill C
No. 86
086b c
Class1 drifter Dial Caliper
No. 87
087b c
Class2 soldier Rearcar
No. 88
Class5 god Asphalt Paver C
No. 89
Class5 god Large Slipform Paver
No. 90
Class4 king Road Stabilizer 6W

No. 91 - 100Edit

No. 91
091b c
Class2 soldier Ultrasonic Soldering Iron
No. 92
Class5 god Mega Container Crane
No. 93
093b c
Class5 god S.P.S.I. Machine
No. 94
Class2 soldier Scroll Saw
No. 95
Class4 king Hydraulic Breaker
No. 96
Class4 king Concrete Pump Truck
No. 97
Class5 god BW Type Continuous Unloader
No. 98
Class1 drifter Handy Router
No. 99
Class2 soldier Laminate Trimmer Keyhole Bit
No. 100
Class5 god Motor Grader SF

No. 101 - 110Edit

No. 101
Class5 god Hybrid Straddle Carrier
No. 102
Class4 king Carrier Dump
No. 133
Class1 drifter Electric Tacker
No. 104
Class1 drifter Automatic W. stripper
No. 105
Class2 soldier Double Sheave Pulley
No. 106
No. 107
No. 108
No. 109
No. 110

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