No. 001 - 010Edit

No. 1
001a c
Class1 drifter Pincers
No. 2
002a c
Class1 drifter Long Nose Pliers
No. 3
003a c
Class1 drifter Phillips Screwdriver
No. 4
004a c
Class1 drifter Flathead Screwdriver
No. 5
005a c
Class1 drifter Hammer
No. 6
006a c
Class1 drifter Mallet
No. 7
007a c
Class1 drifter Spanner
No. 8
008a c
Class1 drifter Offset Spanner
No. 9
009a c
Class1 drifter Socket Wrench
No. 10
010a c
Class1 drifter Ratchet Wrench

No. 011 - 020Edit

No. 11
011a c
Class1 drifter Monkey Wrench
No. 12
012a c
Class1 drifter Plier
No. 13
013a c
Class1 drifter Water Pump Pliers
No. 14
014a c
Class1 drifter Ruler
No. 15
015a c
Class1 drifter Square
No. 16
016a c
Class1 drifter Tape Measure
No. 17
017a c
Class1 drifter Saw
No. 18
018a c
Class1 drifter Disc Grinder
No. 19
019a c
Class1 drifter File
No. 20
020a c
Class1 drifter Triangular File

No. 021 - 030Edit

No. 21
021a c
Class1 drifter Plane
No. 22
022a c
Class1 drifter Gimlet
No. 23
023a c
Class1 drifter Chisel
No. 24
024a c
Class1 drifter Scoop
No. 25
025a c
Class1 drifter Glue Gun
No. 26
026a c
Class1 drifter Gas Welder
No. 27
027a c
Class2 soldier Electric Drill
No. 28
028a c
Class2 soldier Electric Pickaxe
No. 29
029a c
Class2 soldier Rammer
No. 30
030a c
Class2 soldier Asphalt Cutter

No. 031 - 040Edit

No. 31
031a c
Class2 soldier Wheelbarrow 2 sai
No. 32
032a c
Class2 soldier Crowbar
No. 33
033a c
Class2 soldier Ice Axe
No. 34
034a c
Class2 soldier Pylon
No. 35
035a c
Class2 soldier Stand Floodlight
No. 36
036a c
Class2 soldier Construction Sign
No. 37
037a c
Class3 cavalry Forklift
No. 38
038a c
Class3 cavalry Light Truck
No. 39
039a c
Class3 cavalry Diesel Generator
No. 40
040a c
Class3 cavalry Fan

No. 041 - 050Edit

No. 41
041a c
Class3 cavalry Mini Excavator
No. 42
042a c
Class3 cavalry Roller Conveyor
No. 43
043a c
Class3 cavalry Mortar Mixer
No. 44
044a c
Class3 cavalry Dust Collector
No. 45
045a c
Class4 king Wheel Loader
No. 46
046a c
Class4 king Skid-Steer Loader
No. 47
047a c
Class4 king Loading Shovel
No. 48
048a c
Class4 king Demolition Machine
No. 49
049a c
Class4 king Trailer
No. 50
050a c
Class4 king Tank Truck

No. 051 - 060Edit

No. 51
051a c
Class4 king Truck Mixer
No. 52
052a c
Class4 king Tire Roller
No. 53
053a c
Class5 god Truck Crane
No. 54
054a c
Class5 god Wheel Crane
No. 55
055a c
Class5 god Crawler Crane
No. 56
056a c
Class5 god Jib Crane
No. 57
057a c
Class5 god Wheel Dozer
No. 58
058a c
Class5 god Dump Truck
No. 59
059a c
Class5 god Shield Machine
No. 60
Submersible Pump card
Class1 drifter Submersible Pump

No. 061 - 070Edit

No. 61
Motor Scraper card
Class4 king Motor Scraper
No. 62
Mini Earth Auger card
Class4 king Mini Earth Auger
No. 63
Diesel Hammer card
Class4 king Diesel Hammer
No. 64
Material Handler card
Class4 king Material Handler
No. 65
065 Pantograph Jack
Class2 soldier Pantograph Jack
No. 66
066 Floor Jack
Class2 soldier Floor Jack
No. 67
067 High Pressure Washer
Class3 cavalry High Pressure Washer
No. 68
Road Header
Class5 god Roadheader
No. 69
069 Total Station
Class2 soldier Total Station
No. 70
070 Polisher
Class2 soldier Polisher

No. 071 - 080Edit

No. 71
Scissor Lift
Class3 cavalry Scissor Lift
No. 72
Class5 god Clamshell
No. 73
Class2 soldier Brush
No. 74
Image 91
Class5 god Impact Crusher
No. 75
Class5 god Dragline
No. 76
Schaff Holder
Class5 god Schaeff Loader
No. 77
Bench Vise
Class2 soldier Bench Vise
No. 78
Class3 cavalry Heater
No. 79
Class5 god Road Cutter
No. 80
Bucket Chain Excavator
Class5 god Bucket Chain Excavator

No. 081 - 090Edit

No. 81
Nippa Nippa Nii~
Class1 drifter Nipako
No. 82
Feller Buncher
Class4 king Feller Buncher
No. 83
Class3 cavalry Chipper
No. 84
Cord Reel
Class1 drifter Cord Reel
No. 85
Rotary-percussion Drill S
Class4 king Rotary-percussion Drill S
No. 86
086a c
Class1 drifter Vernier Caliper
No. 87
087a c
Class2 soldier Large Cart
No. 88
Class5 god Mini Asphalt Paver
No. 89
Class4 king Slipform Paver
No. 90
Class4 king Road Stabilizer 4W

No.91 - 100Edit

No. 91
091a c
Class2 soldier Soldering Iron
No. 92
Class5 god Container Crane
No. 93
093a c
Class5 god Soil Improvement Machine
No. 94
Class1 drifter Coping Saw
No. 95
Class3 cavalry Mini Hydraulic Breaker
No. 96
Class3 cavalry Concrete Pump
No. 97
Class5 god Level Luffing Type Unloader
No. 98
Class1 drifter Router Plane
No. 99
Class2 soldier Laminate Trimmer
No. 100
Class5 god Motor Grader

No.101 - 110Edit

No. 101
Class5 god Straddle Carrier
No. 102
Class4 king Crawler Carrier
No. 103
Class1 drifter Tacker
No. 104
Class1 drifter ????
No. 105
Class2 soldier Single Sheave Pulley
No. 106
Tiger Rope
No. 107
Class1 drifter Rebar Cutter
No. 108
Class2 soldier Mini Trencher
No. 109
No. 110
Swing Yarder

No.111 - 120Edit

No. 111
Class3 cavalry Small Snowplow
No. 112
Class1 drifter Snow Scoop
No. 113
Class5 god large caliber excavator
No. 114
Class4 king Grapple
No. 115
Class5 god
No. 116
Class5 god Land-based Pump
No. 117
Class1 drifter Wire Twister
No. 118
Class1 drifter Blower
No. 119
Class1 drifter Chalk Line
No. 120
Class2 soldier Hand Tie Tamper

No.121 - 130Edit

No. 121
Class4 king R circulation drill C
No. 122
Class3 cavalry Road heater
No. 123
Class4 king Processor
No. 124
Class1 drifter C type clamp
No. 125
Class1 drifter Needle type wall back detector
No. 126
Class1 drifter Single gas detector
No. 127
No. 128
No. 129
No. 130

No.131 - 140Edit

No. 131
No. 132
No. 133
No. 134
No. 135
No. 136
No. 137
No. 138
No. 139
No. 140

No.141 - 150Edit

No. 141
No. 142
No. 143
No. 144
No. 145
No. 146
No. 147
No. 148
No. 149
No. 150

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